Jade - Rose Montague

Jade was some serious fun!


That girl has spunk!


I really enjoyed this collection of characters and ideas.That being said, while there were lots of little things that were extremely fantastic, in turn there were others that dampened the water works. So, while I could ramble on forever, instead, I am going to do what I love… and list 'em (you caught me, mostly because I'm tired and lazy. But hey, who doesn't love a list?)!


What I enjoyed:

  • That ending! Complaints from this book aside, I am craving to know what happens next
  • Hellhounds - cute little fluff balls of doom, they're just the bestest
  • A sheer abundance of chocolate, wine, and coffee
  • Giggle moments
  • Fun character interactions
  • Slightly psychic paper (well more of a psychic card)
  • Wonderfully strong female characters
  • And the girl / girl flirtation, which left me swooning
  • Plus an intriguing lead character!

Let downs:

  • I really felt like a bit of everything supernatural was thrown into this without any real rhyme or reason. You name it? Jade's got it!
  • This left it just feeling a bit messy and could have flowed better with some more pages; a bit more background on why the world is the way it is. Some lore. I love me some good lore.
  • On that note, the first half of this book seemed a bit rushed. Again, this could have worked better with more pages!
  • We didn't see a whole lot of character development. Though I do appreciate the Jade brings some surprises to the table, as with all people, there's a lot more to her than first meets the eye!


So yes, there were some rather irksome qualities to Jade.  Nonetheless I did enjoy this read a fair bit and am eager to see where the story goes from here.