Transmogrify - Richard   Thomas

I really liked this tale. A lot.

At least, when I could follow what was going on.


Note to self: just because it's a short story doesn't mean it's ideal when you're super sleepy.

There were some really cool ideas that came through in this short. Psychic vampirism is a nice change from the abundance of vegan sanguinists that populate every second paranormal book these days. In relation to this, the use of technology was certainly a curious but intriguing addition for these little leeches. That, piled with a sassy main character, and quality writing made me love this short in many ways.

Then, there come the reasons why I couldn't love the whole thing. The narration is painfully disjointed, though this seems to be due to an unreliable narrator of sorts, it is still extremely frustrating. A lot of concepts are also thrown into the mix and aren't really expanded upon. Short stories are wonderful, but if you've got so many ideas in your head, you're better off making it a bit longer so that we can explore these ideas with you. Or at least have a reasonable level of understanding (unless of course my small brain just wasn't capable of grasping it all properly. A fair possibility).

So here I sit. Questions bubbling around in my brain about the hows and whys of what Thomas has incorporated into his world. While I enjoyed what I read, the details seem like they could have been pursued considerably further - and I hope they do in the future.

Yeah... I should probably give this another read when I'm more awake. Oopsie.