Angelfall + World After

Angelfall  - Susan Ee


Okay, I'll admit it, it took me a bit  to really get into this book. Mostly  I think this had to do with funky coloured wings and an overly emotional moment with a kid, a wheelchair, a bastard, and a girl who has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I wrinkled my nose at the smell of 'I'm pulling a quick move to get you emotionally invested in this book'. Compared to what comes next, these minor details, these pet peeves, were nothing. Alas, they made me too sour to give this a full 5 twinkling stars which it most likely deserves. Well, that and the constant referencing of a mental illness as 'crazy' (I get why it was put in those terms, but it struck a bit too close to home for me to be comfortable with).


So there I was, reading, as one does, and thinking that the hype was going to fail me as it is so well known for doing.


How wrong I was.


I quickly went from jaded to enthralled. With it's adorably silly humour, flawed characters that were filled with integrity (even if I wasn't always on their side), fast pace, and a nice bit of romantic tension, I pivoted into this book and didn't want to put it down.


Most of all what I really appreciated about it was that while this is a Young Adult book, it does the genre justice. Angelfall doesn't shy away from the darker side of life and humanity. Nor does it follow a cliché girl meets strange supernatural boy and they fall instantly in love device. Plus, it is very readable for a more mature crowd.


Oh and don't forget Raffe. That man is just the right balance of drop-dead-sexy, strong of will and sweet nature.


Mmmm, Raffe.


Angelfall went places I really hadn't expected and left me craving more. A wonderful read!



I loved World After just as much as Angelfall, if not more. My main complaint with this one was Raffe. Or the lack there of. That made me rather cranky and impatient.

Even so, the plot continues to unfold in a riveting yet disturbing kind of way!


We get some down right laugh-out-loud humour (beware the nuclear cows). A heart-felt reunion that is d'awwwww worthy. Inanimate objects with attitude. Well paced fight scenes and tension.  Plus our dear kick-ass heroine who proves you don't have to be born as a 'chosen one' to achieve great things in this world (or fantasy ones).