DEAD[ish] (DEAD[ish] #1) - Naomi Kramer

WARNING: This review is going to contain bitching. A lot of bitching. While I like to be fairly positive with my reviews, sadly folks, this is not going to be one of them. Sorry!

I was absolutely appalled by this book. I didn't have high expectations to being with, yet they still managed to be pulverized to a paste. Thank the heavens that this was a short and free book.

Never have I seen such a clusterfuck of morally deprived, uncultured and plain eye-roll-worthy characters in once place. They were a giant thorn that made this whole story hard to stomach.
So much irritated me about this book...

  • Swearing overload. Swearing is often seen as 'cool', but come on, some moderation would be nice!
  • 'Gay' men who aren't really gay
  • A ghost girl who pulls a bunch of ridiculously immature pranks on her murderer instead of seeking any kind of justice
  • Choppy cuts between scenes
  • No character depth whatsoever
  • Weak humour, at best (I'm sure it would amuse some peoples tastes but not mine)
  • A killer whose head I'd rather not be in
  • Characters who realize the murder has occurred but don't do anything until they find that others know they know
  • A flimsy plot line. There were no substantial twists or clues to keep the reader guessing

    It's only real saving grace was Trent, who wasn't such an awful character. He wasn't anything special, but hey, you appreciate something remotely worthwhile when surrounded by a whole bunch of filth.