How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper
It's always a pleasure to finish a book while wearing a big, goofy grin. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf was a few miles from perfect, but it was a romp of good fun.

There were elements of the story that made me just pause and think... in what sane world would anyone come to that conclusion?
A man has similar looking eyes to a wolf you saw? Clearly he's a werewolf. You've just slept with him once, after never really getting along with him? Clearly now he's your boyfriend.
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Though then I would remind myself that a story about werewolves isn't exactly the pinnacle of realism to begin with.

Minor pet peeves aside, this book is a lot less daggy than the cover and title led me to believe. There were a lot of giggles to be had and the romance was steamy! Plus, our dear female characters are a strong, sassy bunch. Even Mo manages to show just how a kick-ass lady handles things; earning my tick of approval.
As for the murdering wolf? I had my suspicions at one point, but... I think the words of Mo, Eli and Dean Winchester covey my feelings best: