A Hint of Scandal

A Hint of Scandal - Tara Pammi

I've never read any novels from Harlequin before now. However, this little book - written by a lady with a passion for the Mills & Boon collection - has certainly perked my curiosity about this romance company.

A Hint of Scandal is steamy, light-hearted, wonderful little popcorn novel. The characters are amusing and the plot is a fun romp through decadent society, conflicting characters and a lot of sexual heat. The lead female is intelligent and not well understood, but thankfully is independent and strong in her own right. The male, while slightly obnoxious at times, was one that grew on me - to the point where I was keenly vouching for him as the novel progressed.

I should mention that (while is an enjoyable read) it is not high class literature. There are a fair few clichés thrown in and the story is character driven, not plot driven – the plot is mainly there for humour and direction for the romance. If you prefer an intricate storyline filled with twists and turns, this may not be your first choice. Beyond that, A Hint of Scandal was fairly well written for a light-read - there were a few odd word choices here and there, however, the writing was more sophisticated than some in this genre: it managed to remain erotic without becoming trashy and emotional without spelling-out every character’s feelings.

While not flawless (though really, what is?), this is a scrumptious debut from a young romance author - I'm excited to see where the future of writing takes her!