Minutes of Brilliance, Moments of Madness

Minutes of Brilliance, Moments of Madness - Aaron Boxley


The Easter bunny gone awry. Whips and blindfolds. Breathtaking sunsets. Put simply - it was eclectic. Some of these tickled my fancy more than others. There were especially a lot of poems surrounding darker themes, most of which I absolutely ate up.


Whilst I was not drawn to every piece in this collection, I thoroughly enjoyed the poetry bound within these pages. Many of these are not for the faint of heart. It gets dark and many contain a heavy air of sexuality. However, for those who are open to something a little different, this is a treat. Ranging from themes of the perverse, to those of beauty, to the wickedly comical (it's not often that poetry makes me giggle-snort), Boxley captures the imagination and evokes the best and worst of humanity through these potent works.


As for the rhythm? I'd attempt to critique that but I'm not a poetry fiend and sincerely would have no idea what I'd be babbling about. Oh well.


Let's be honest.

You can't go wrong with evil bunnies.