Lost in the Seven Worlds

Lost In The Seven Worlds - Petronela Ungureanu

I felt this story had a lot of potential. However, I do not feel that it was met. Petronela Ungureanu comes across as a very strong writer, with a beautiful use of words and a skill for crafting exotic worlds and creatures. That being said… I felt that this short-story was rather lacking in many departments.


The first chapter is a quick info-dump that could have been worked into something that flowed a bit more smoothly, or integrated as the story progressed. The remaining story is written in a very formal manner for a first-person narration and dialogue, that doesn’t seem all that realistic given the context of the story (if this was intentional I would have liked to know why – to further understand the society of the worlds). Other than that, the plot is lack-lustre, and the romance would have been considerably stronger if some build-up had been provided.


What really seemed to make this story fall short of its potential was simply that it was SHORT. Ungureanu clearly had a lot of ideas bubbling away, yet cramming them into so few pages hasn’t allowed them to blossom.


Although this story has not left me all that impressed, I do believe that there is a lot of potential for the worlds that have been built and even the characters (which were left a bit 2D in this rush). With some more editing, time and words I think some very great things may be seen from this author.