Faefever  - Karen Marie Moning


Let's begin with the end, shall we?


Wait, that would be easier... if I had the fecking words.


Moning, it's like you want me to buy the next book… nowish! Well, your wish is my command. Though at the moment it feels like a point of no return.  I can safely say I've never had as many conflicting and messed up feelings at the end of a book than I have with this one. I was devouring this book the whole way through (I tried to put it down to no avail)… but no one can brace themselves for THAT. No one. I want to make some fancy critique but my mind is still reeling.


Maybe I should just stick to an overview… yes, that’d be easier, wouldn’t it?


Faefever is the third installment of the Fever series and I can safely say that, if anything, the books are getting better with time. While a certain residence of 700 didn’t tickle my fancy, there were introductions to new and intriguing characters, extremely unexpected (if you haven’t already noticed) but strong plot advancements, suspense and a spoonful of Mac’s lightening humour (and cake). The books so far have been fairly friendly for someone to just ‘jump straight in’ to them. However, I absolutely would recommend that any new-comers to the series should start from #1, for the simple reason that each book has been a thousand shades of fantastic.


Though when all said and done, it comes down to…


That ending...