Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them - Jillian Venters, Pete Venters Honestly, I'm a little surprised that some people consider the tone of this book to be snarky. I think quite the opposite - Jillian comes across as a warm, bubbly lady who wishes to inform both goths and non-goths alike about the culture. While there is certainly an emphasis on the importance of etiquette (perhaps a bit too much), it is an important message to be sending; for anyone, not just the darkly inclined. This book, in my eyes, conveys a love for Goth and Gothlings. Furthermore, it touches on important points for anyone with an association to the culture. Is it perfect? No, nothing is. But it carries with it the same charm that is presented in the title. I would recommend this to anyone involved in or wanting to know more about the goth subculture.