Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters Tipping the Velvet was my first step into the worlds of LGBT and Sarah Water's literature, and it certainly will not be my last. Through the pages of this novel there is the painting of spectacular scenes, marvellous (though not always admirable) characters and a journey with Nan King, a girl turn (wo)man who at times deserves a good shake but always manages to find herself in captivating situations. This is certainly the best novel I have read in a long time, perking my interest from page one with Sarah's wonderful prose. My only complaint is that at times it was predictable, but even so it's daring characters and mesmerizing world far overshadowed such a flaw. That being said, many of these characters are not always lovable - so if you're looking for a fluffy do-gooder book, you may want to look elsewhere. Though without a doubt it is a treasure in my minds eye and I would certainly recommend it to most who haven't yet tried it.